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August 3 2020

Graeme Teague Photography

Summer 2020

Covid-19 - obviously all trips and adventures and shoots are on hold at present.
The office is very much open, please feel free to contact us even to say hello! Stay safe.
POTLATCH - incredible. Special guest, with camera, invited to attend a Potlatch at the Namgis Big House - Alert Bay.
ALERT BAY - remote, oldest First Nations community (10,000yrs+), world's tallest totem pole, potlatch ceremonial outfits returned after been taken (stolen) 100+ years ago. Just amazing almost surreal it's so far from modern world reality.
HAIDA GWAII - formerly the Queen Charlotte Islands - remote wild rugged - experience 'the edge of the world'. Amazing light, amazing place, serious coverage, all aspects.
Museum of Anthropology (MOA) UBC, Vancouver, Canada - extensive, and way cool, Pacific Northwest First Nations coverage to compliment Haida Gwaii.
YVR - Vancouver International Airport boasts one the largest, literally, collection of contemporary First Nation's work - Terminal C after security has the motherload - an amazing addition to your travels.
VANCOUVER ISLAND - Extensive long-term coverage of this dazzling part of the world, both topside and underwater. All subjects, including towns and cities, people, festivals and celebrations, historic, First Peoples, Salish Nation, gardens, wildlife, forests, islands, business, industry, maritime everything, aviation, tourism, parks, weather, adventure and fun. Resident with special access and connections.

July 8 2020

Dennis Cox, LLC

Cruising the World - From Gondolas to Megaships

Award-winning travel photographer Dennis Cox launched his 14th published book, Cruising the World, From Gondolas to Megaships, in May, 2020.

Featuring 37 different kinds of vessels -- from ancient dhows, junks, and rice boats to cutting-edge high-tech megaships -- this large format, 208-page hardcover volume spotlights 535 colorful photos from 77 countries and seven continents.

Itís a book that cruise lovers will cherish, and which any traveler will find inspirational. The book can be ordered at